Renters Insurance in Michigan

Renters’ insurance protects your personal items, provides liability, and much more in the event of an accident. We offer renters’ insurance here at Halabicky Insurance Group in Brighton, MI, Imlay City, MI and surrounding areas. Without renters’ insurance, you would be financially responsible for paying for all replacement and damage.

Renters Insurance Requirements

Renters’ insurance is not legally required in Michigan, but a landlord can require all tenants to purchase a policy.

Renters Insurance Coverage

Here is what renters’ insurance protects:

  • Personal items- If your electronics, furniture, clothing, or other personal items become damaged or destroyed from theft, vandalism, storms, or a fire, this will cover the repair or replacement cost.
  • Loss of use- If you cannot live in your home temporarily due to a covered loss, this will cover your hotel stays, meals, and additional expenses.
  • Liability- If you damage another person’s property or someone else is injured while visiting your home, this will cover your legal expenses if the other party files a lawsuit against you. For example, your tub overflows due to you becoming distracted after an argument between your kids. The water begins to seep through the ceiling, causing damage to your neighbor’s sofa. As a result, your neighbor sues you.
  • Medical payments- This covers you if other people are injured while in your home, no matter who is at fault.
  • Replacement cost- This pays to replace your personal items. However, it is based on the actual cash value of your personal belongings.


To receive a quote for renters’ insurance, call us at Halabicky Insurance Group. We are located in Brighton, MI and Imlay City, MI. Let our agents help you find a policy that suits your needs.